A Little Added Security

Hey guys-

I wanted to give you a quick update about what is going on behind the scenes at Tangents. The new path of Tangents is coming together quite nicely.  I took your suggestions into consideration and I am putting together a final logo.  I want to have the logo done before I move on to other visual aspects.  

I mentioned this before, but as a reminder, one thing that will eventually happen is that Tangents will be available for the general public in the future. That being the case, I want to make sure we uphold the integrity of the site.

Introducing the Anti-Splog Plug-in!

Okay I know it isn’t THAT exciting for all of you… but what it will do is prevent bots/humans from creating blogs that are dedicated to Spam by providing us with multiple comfy layers of protection:

  1. Signup Prevention – these measures are mainly to stop bots. It includes limiting the number of sign-ups per IP address, changing the sign-up page location every 24hrs (great for deterring bots), and “human” tests like reCAPTCHA or other questions.
  2. The API – when signup is complete (email activated) and blog is first created, or when a new user publishes a new post it will send all kinds of blog and signup info to a security server where it will rate the blog based on our anti-splog logic (yes, that was kind of nerdy). The API will then return a splog Certainty number (0%-100%). If that number is greater than the sensitivity preference of 80% then the blog gets marked as spam… and happily deleted by ME! 🙂
  3. Moderation Queue: For existing blogs or blogs that get past other filters, the queue provides an ongoing way to monitor blogs and spam or flag them as valid (ignore) them more easily as they are updated with new posts. Also if a user tries to visit a blog that has been spammed, it will now show a user-friendly message and form to contact the admin (that’s me!) for review… and likely where I will nuke it upon seeing it is spam! Muahahahah (evil laugh)

For those of you who like complex process flows, I have included one below to show you our new state-of-the-art-anti-splog-super-awesome-technology… This process itself is enough to deter those pesky sploggers… I mean… just look at all those boxes and lines (click for larger image)!

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