New Logo for Tangents! (Part 2)

Hey everyone –

I am back with the final batch of logos.  I took your suggestions and thought through some other ideas.  I made a good handful, deleted them, then started again, then deleted them, then went a whole different direction … and repeated the process.

I’m happy to say that I have the final, new Tangents logo!  It is simple, memorable, and relevant to what we do here (“tangents” coming out of the brain in every direction).  This logo also lends itself well to the direction I want to take the site…

SIDE NOTE:  I don’t think I have expressed this yet (or effectively expressed it through my posts) but I am VERY excited about the future of Tangents.  I am very confident that the site will eventually become a well known go-to site on the web, literally receiving tens of thousands of visitors a month!  I know the process is slow, but the fun part is you all will be able to say that you were there in the beginning… the ORIGINALS! 🙂

Okay, back to the original post topic:  below is the final logo, but I do have one more task for all of you…  you must select the color of the brain!  This accent color will then be incorporated into the new website design.

Please post a comment stating your color preference.  Simply put, the color with the most votes will win.  If there is a tie somehow, I will be the tie-break.  (Once the voting is done, I can begin preparing the new template.  I am off on vacation next week so I want to get as much done as I can 🙂 )

Purple Brain

Teal/Blueish Brain

Orange Brain

Pink Brain (inspired by Mary)

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