Coolest Tangents Contest EVER!

Hi Everyone!

well, I have to say that I am getting pretty excited about my upcoming vacation… but don’t worry, I won’t forget about all of you when I am gone!  In fact, I want to spice things up a bit among you Originals before we start making the major changes to the website…  I am going to run a contest, here are some details:

In the effort to get more bloggers BEFORE opening the site up to the public, I am starting the New Blogger Contest!  The name of the game is simple, the person who recruits the most new bloggers wins!  All you have to do is direct people (friends, family, or whoever else you think would like to blog on Tangents) to this post.  All they have to do is post a comment requesting permission to blog and mention who they were recruited by… THAT’S IT!

You see, when they post the comment, they will have to input their email address which will make it very easy for me to set them up with an account.  However, in order for your blogger to count towards the total, he/she will need to post more than one blog post.  In other words, they have to be active (i.e. set up their blog, write a few posts, start to interact, etc.).

The winner of this contest will have their blog featured on the Tangents homepage for two-weeks once we officially launch AND will receive a $25 gift card to a restaurant in their area

The contest will last until March 8th

Good luck and have fun! 🙂

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18 Responses to “Coolest Tangents Contest EVER!”

  • jamiahsh:

    Cool… I like.

  • I’ve had trouble enough getting people to just read my blog… No, I know myself well enough that I think I will just wish all of my Ohio friends good luck on the contest. I await the next one.

  • taylhis:

    Game on…
    Sounds like fun, even though most of us live in Bufu – the restaurants in our area don’t even have gift CARDS 😉

  • Justin:

    Glad to see we have some people up for the challenge… I’m excited to see who you bring in 🙂

  • justj:

    I think I got everyone I was going to get the last time we had this type of contest. And she doesn’t have internet access anymore…

  • keith robinson:

    Never blogged before, I think I would like to try it

  • Justin:

    Hi Keith, I set you up with a blog… let me know if you have any questions on setting it up!

  • jamiahsh:

    Who was Keith referred by?

  • jamiahsh:

    Really, Keith, you should give it a go. And the good thing about tangents is… YOU don’t have to limit yourself to what you blog about!

  • taylhis:

    Keith was referred by me because I know that he likes to write, and he has interesting things to say… He could even put some of his fictional stories or plays on his blog; we haven’t had anything like that yet. I am excited to read what he decides to write!!

  • Justin:

    hm, i wonder if keith has started setting everything up…? I haven’t heard from him regarding any troubles… eager to see what he has to blog!

  • jamiahsh:

    OH, BOY! I better get on the stick. I thought I mentioned it to him. Go figure.

  • taylhis:

    I’ll fight you for it Jamiahsh… haha, kidding of course. I did send him an email… we can either ask him which email he received (unless you talked to him in person), or he can be a tie-breaker if we need one… Or we can first wait and see if he even becomes an active poster!

  • jamiahsh:

    LOL! We’ll wait and see. Maybe he will tell us who he responded to. But, he DOES have to start before the deadline.

  • keith:

    Where is the blog site. I have to use a library computer for now so sometimes it’s hard to get on.

  • Justin:

    Hi Keith… I’ll get you all set up when I get back from vacation this weekend – soon you will be blogging with the best of them!

  • Justin:

    Keith, I sent you an email regarding your blog, let me know if you don’t get it.

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