Some Love for the Originals

You know what’s great about Tangents is that all of you have such a nice repertoire with one another… it’s something that is hard to come by on a lot of those large sites hosting 894,343 (and more) blogs.   The last thing I want to do is lose that “small community” feel that all of you have had over the past couple years.

So, I have something that all of you may like.  Prior to launching the site to the public, I am going to create a special “Original Tangenteers Community” within the Tangents site itself …  it will allow all of you to do a couple of things.

First, no one else will be allowed into this community (unless given authorization of course).  You will be able to create Message Board topics and Wiki pages if you desire.  Most importantly, it provides an easy, centralized place where you can message one another, view each other’s blogs, have your blog viewed, or provide comments!

Look for this option to appear in your blog’s admin panels in the upcoming days (you will see a new “Communities” tab).  I will set up the community and most likely send out invites to all of you to join!

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14 Responses to “Some Love for the Originals”

  • taylhis:

    I like our repertoire with each other too, and I’m glad you’re respecting it… I just have a question. Does this mean our blogs are no longer viewable by the public? I think you said they weren’t, but I kind of like that… I know Jamiahsh wrote a nice post about the Pittsburgh Zoo that was recognized by an administrator at the zoo, and I’ve written a few posts about current events and things that were read and commented on by the people involved. Is there any way to keep the best of both worlds? And no, I’m not quoting Hannah Montana!! 😉

  • Justin:

    The way your blogs are displayed (to each other and to the public) will remain the same. In theory, you could log into your admin panel every day, make a post and read other posts just as usual… the only difference you’d notice is the look/feel of the site. There will even be a “recent posts” section on the new site like there is on this one.

    The community feature will have added features (should you all choose to use them… such as a forum-like feature…). The reason behind impementing the Communities tab is because as more people join and make blog posts, it will become more difficult to find the original tangenteer posts in the “Recent Posts” section.

    If you don’t want your blog viewable by the public, you can adjust this under “Settings”… just click on “Privacy” and make the necessary adjustment. Hope that helps!

  • Well, it sounds quite reasonable. I don’t mind making us a community (I expect you’ll add other “communities” in the future). Will there be a way to be a part of more than one should you set up communities like “thespians” ,”car lovers”, or whatnot? In any event, as long as everyone is still able to read the blogs and comment regardless of whether or not they are in our community it sounds good.

  • Justin:

    @ derek

    I will set up the first community, but you’ll have the ability to join/create as many communities as you like. Yes you’ll be able to view and comment on blogs irrespective of what communities they are a part of as they will still be visible.

  • jamiahsh:

    I think I like it! We’ll see when it s ll set up. But I, too am appreciative of keeping the gang together 😉

  • mary911:

    (I originally wrote Cool. Thanks….and that wasn’t enough letters)

    Cool. Thanks!!! 🙂

  • justj:

    That looks interesting. I’m not sure how much use it will get, but it may be useful.

  • taylhis:

    @Justin – your explanation helps tremendously… thanks! I really really like the ‘recent posts’ feature! And you’re right, I wouldn’t have the time to read every one of EVERYONE’S recent posts should a whole bunch of people join, so it sounds good!

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  • taylhis:

    I have a suggestion – I think new bloggers could use a quick and helpful “getting started” guide. A very basic way of explaining categorizing posts, tags, approving comments, that kind of thing. I wouldn’t want to see anyone fall by the wayside just because of frustration. Maybe they already get one, I don’t know, but if not, something you might want to consider drawing up. 🙂

  • Justin:

    @ taylhis

    youre right, that is something that I have had in mind (making some Quick Start videos) to help get people going quickly and to smooth out the learning curve a bit.

  • jamiahsh:

    brilliant idea! I like the video tutorial idea!

  • I like your blog theme. What template did you use ?

  • Justin:

    @Free tattoo designs,

    I created the template myself using Artisteer software ($49.95)… you can purchase the program from their website.

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