Future of Tangents

Hello all, I thought I would give you some insight as to the direction I am taking Tangents.  The new template is coming together well (the look is pretty much complete) and all that is left on that end is to tweak some of the code in certain areas.

I know I have talked about the “new direction” of Tangents here and there but I thought that I would give you a better idea as to what I mean by that.  Right now, Tangents is just a blogging platform using wordpress (as you know).  This will not go away, but instead enhanced with some new features (such as the ability to make communities).  So, as it stands, the original functionality of Tangents – a place where people can come and create a nice looking blog – will still exist.

The second part is a bit different.  The new “main” reason why someone may come to the site is to simply write a “tangent” about anything they want.  This functionality is kind of a hybrid of the “wall” feature in Facebook and a Twitter “tweet”.  For example:  someone is at work and realizes that he hates writing memos.  He could go to tangents and type in something like, “boss is making me write another gosh darn memo blah blah blah blah”, press submit, and that’s the end of it.  Other visitors could comment on these Tangents should they choose to do so.

Seems a bit odd that people would go to a site to rant or rave about a topic, but for whatever reason they will (many sites do this quite successfully).  These individuals may come once to write a tangent, twice, or 100 times… they may even open up a Tangents blog after a few visits!

Moral of the story, tangents is going to become one busy place, buzzing with activity, random thoughts, and blog posts galore in the near future.  The process of gaining popularity through word of mouth (or more like word of print) will take some time, months even, but for those of you who have read “The Tipping Point”, you know that a time will come when the site will explode. 

I hope you guys will be just as excited as I am!

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