Contest Extended

The New Blogger contest has been extended.  So far we have a new blogger (Keith!) who has joined us.  Keith is still getting used to everything here so feel free to offer up some friendly advice to smooth the learning curve a bit.  The reason the contest has been extended is because the rules required you to (a) recruit a new blogger and (b) the new blogger had to be active!  Need at least to week to see how things go!

That said… I encourage everyone to extend an invitation to friends, family, or significant other to join our community.  You can have them write a comment requesting a blog on this post or on the original one! 

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One Response to “Contest Extended”

  • taylhis:

    Ok… not sure who else to ask; I asked pretty much everyone I know who has internet connection… too bad not too many were interested (no one thinks they have the time for blogging is what I gathered). Thanks for extending it!

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