Communities are now Available

Hello all,

the Communities ability is now available!!  You can find it at the bottom of the left menu in your admin panel.  I have also posted a message with the password to join the group in the admin panel – you won’t miss it!  I realize you won’t use this much in the beginning, but you’ll be happy to have it once traffic picks up… ENJOY!

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9 Responses to “Communities are now Available”

  • mary911:

    Ok, I clicked on communities….What is the name and description? And where do I put the password? I’m so confused….. 😉

  • Justin:


    I fixed the problem and added more instructions to the Admin Message on your control panel!

    (I took off the password for now to avoid confusion)

  • taylhis:

    Sounds good!
    I probably won’t have time to look at it for awhile; probably not until I need to use it. Thanks for your efforts!

  • Found your message, followed the instructions, and…

    “nothing found” 🙁

  • Justin:

    @ Derek,

    hmm… I wonder what the problem is. So far justj and jamiahsh have joined. What about just clicking on “communities” (instead of “find communities”). I have made it public so it should show up on the list.

  • No good. Clicking on Communities just asks me to create one. Find communities still results in a not found message.

  • Justin:

    @ derek,

    I think I found the problem. When you are searching, type in “Original” for your search term.

  • I was able to create a community of the same name however, I deleted it after the test of course.

  • Ah, that one worked. Now joined. Thanks.

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