Contest Ends

It’s official, the contest to bring on new bloggers has come to an end.  We were able to bring in one new person, but unfortunately, he has not blogged much in the past 3+ weeks.  The rules/guidelines for the contest were that the newbie posted and interacted with the new bloggers.  Still, an effort was made and is much appreciated (Thank you Taylhis)!  As a result of you making a solid effort, I will still post your blog as a FEATURED blog on the new Tangents homepage when we launch.

On a side note, expect one and a half more bloggers to join the community shortly.  I have found someone who would like to blog with us!  The “half” person is me… as I will be opening my own Tangents blog in the near future.

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3 Responses to “Contest Ends”

  • jamiahsh:

    HOORAY for taylhis! And where is our newest blogger?!

  • taylhis:

    Thanks… but to be fair, I thought Jamiahsh also mentioned blogging to our mutual friend Keith… if only he would blog more; Jamiahsh and I could have gone out to dinner. Oh well, we saved Justin $25. 😉
    So yeah, where IS that half blogger?

  • Justin:

    @ taylhis

    No problem-o, I will make sure Jamiahsh’s blog is front and center and some point for all to see as well. I will likely wait until we are getting a good string of traffic upon opening the doors.

    the “half” blogger is coming! I first want to get my ducks in a row with Tangents. As soon as this site is up and going (hopefully in about a week), then I will be sure to join the fun.

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