I am relieved…

The name of this tangent was almost called “I hate Tiger Woods” because his press conference was standing in the way of my baseball game – it was being aired, re-aired, and talked about on every sports channel!!! I was beginning to panic in a major way! Seriously, the guy sleeps around with dozens of women when he has a wife and 2 little kids and so his returning to golf is more newsworthy than the 2010 MLB opening day?!?! Disgusting in every way!!
Thank goodness everyone came to their senses, although I still think I dislike Tiger Woods very much…
And I am pleased as punch I get to watch – the kids are tied up, so batter up… kidding, of course 😉

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2 Responses to “I am relieved…”

  • jamiahsh:

    So… how much did you actually watch. I left when the score was 8-5, I believe

  • jamiahsh:

    And I totally agree about Tiger Woods and golf in general (unless it is the mini variety!)

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