Testing a Re-Captcha Replacement

Just a quick update – given some recent feedback on the “mini-tangents” portion of the website, I am testing an alternative for the re-captcha that was once in place.  Unfortunately, I do not have the ability to make the words more clear, it is completely random how they show up.  (there is a refresh button however that will enble you to get new words).

Nonetheless, I have implemented a Question that requires human verification as well as a disclaimer right above the question to scare off any spammers!

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9 Responses to “Testing a Re-Captcha Replacement”

  • taylhis:

    I did try the refresh button, but as I said, the words were only clear about 30% of the time – maybe it was just me (I am going to see about getting new glasses – ones that might work better so I can actually WEAR them), but either way, I appreciate your efforts! Thanks!
    Oh, and I didn’t mean to be a complainer…

  • Justin:

    no worries Taylhis, I dont consider it complaining at all… just feedback! 🙂

  • jamiahsh:

    @taylhis… it is not just you. At times, I have difficulty making out the words. However, the refresh option usually works for me!

  • Chris:

    I would get rid of the disclaimer, it is not going to bother spammers. It will just cause problems with *real* people.

    Also, unfortunately, the mat quiz will not stop bots unless it is a graphic. Because a bot can easily read the equation, do the math, and submit.

    However, a simple Askimet key might really be all you need until the site traffic picks up greatly.

  • Justin:

    Hmmm… what if the math equation was changed to something like:

    “Is fire ‘Hot’ or ‘Cold’ ?” … or something like “What is the last name of the U.S. President?” … can a bot pick up on that?

  • So. Justin. About that disappearing countdown timer plugin…

  • Justin:

    @ derek

    i’ll look into it, not sure why it would have disappeared as it is currently set to “Active”

  • Thanks. Actually, I think I see the problem- you moved it to the elite plugins section, causing it to deactivate in the process.

    Yep, activated once again and it is now working.

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