No. 600!!!!

FINALLY… now maybe the Yankees can get back to winning (in second place with THAT team on the schedule this weekend) some games after A-Rod bashed his 600th homer! BOOLYAH! Only the 7th player in history to do so. And they did win today! Maybe Regis did bring some luck 😉

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3 Responses to “No. 600!!!!”

  • taylhis:

    Homers… you mean they’re still playing baseball? I haven’t noticed. My team’s season was over in April 😉 🙁

  • jamiahsh:

    April… I think that is when I posted the tangent. KIDDING! HAHAH 😀

  • jamiahsh:

    Now we are in the post season! And the Bombers are up 2 games to NADA against the Twins. One more win and they will be onto the ALCS. NUMBER 28 HERE WE COME!

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