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We only have one Golden Girl left to make us laugh. Blanche joined our beloved Dorothy and Sophia today. May He be with Rue’s loved ones. Thank You For Being a Friend. Three in one week.


I am very frustrated as I have a blog with Word Press.I Ugraded to Tangents Elite. Can’t get to anyone from Support at either Tangents. org OR Word Pres to tell me why my site isn’t upgraded. Especially as I have paid for it. Does anyone have any idea??


still at work

still working… yesterday was a nice 4am (to catch a flight) to 6pm day… today is a solid 8am-??pm day… living the life I guess.

when the Red Wings Lose!

I am a huge red wings fan, and I absolutely hate when they lose… so losing 3 games straight has been tough for me to take. I will have to hope for the best in game four as we begin one of the greatest comebacks of all time…. it could happen… right?


Next season may be the last for Michael Scott (the brilliant Steve Carell on The Office. SAY IT AIN”T SO!!!!! Hopefully, the bigwigs at NBC can pull it together. Definitely would not be the same show!

Rehearsal Distractions

I honestly do make sure that my cell phone is turned off at rehearsal. Tonight was the exception. While rehearsing a scene, John Williams’ heart-thumping “Superman March” came blaring out of my pocket. OOPS!

why no tangents have been made lately

it has been a bit quiet on the tangent board as of late… I wonder where all the tangenteers are hiding?