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Mother Nature

So… The endless days of rain have spoiled what was being toted as a great pitcher’s duel: YAnkees ace CC Sabathia vs Justin Verlander. Rain rain go away! Tomorrow doesn’t sound too promising , either.


What baseball? There was a 2011 MLB Baseball season? I must have missed it…

Someone is slipping

Usually when the premiere professional football team in Chicago wins a game, tangents is treated to a post from it omnipotent(?) admin. Well… they have won two games in just one week. Soo… (hopefully my shout is approved BEFORE the unthinkable happens.

tired of looking at these posts

I don’t have much to say, but I cannot explain how sick of these same tangents I am! Honestly, reading about the Yankees MONTHS and months after baseball season is over (nor any time, no offense) is not my idea of fun. I will say ANYTHING to get these off of here, finally, PLEASE!!

Havint to update Tangents!

Hopefully the upgrade to 3.0 and the unification of the platforms will go smoothly!

I wish I had coffee

so tired today… I wish I had a cup of coffee… but I think I may be too tired to go and get some. ugh.