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The spammers are getting to know me!

This morning while looking at my spam, I came across a piece labeled “minoxidil.” REALLY!?

No. 600!!!!

FINALLY… now maybe the Yankees can get back to winning (in second place with THAT team on the schedule this weekend) some games after A-Rod bashed his 600th homer! BOOLYAH! Only the 7th player in history to do so. And they did win today! Maybe Regis did bring some luck 😉


Well… The night before a few days away. Prolly won’t get much sleep… really excited! Haven’t been to the Island for many years and going with great friends!


Work, baptism, rehearsal (with the director and myself.. productive for me anyway), more work, a play, Ft. Wayne with the family…more I’m forgetting. Not necessarily in that order, but WOW… fun, but WOW!! Thank goodness for a day off tomorrow!


The Bombers returned to their Bronx digs today! A late-game rally could not spoil the day… THAAAAAAA Yankees WIN 7-5!