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I hate spamming

So many spammers. Some of nice canned comments, some are canned criticism. Hey if you really want to comment, don’t make it canned criticism. That’s too much like the canned meat called Spam….

Iron Man 2

But then I like comic book movies. Go and see it!! I had fun at the midnight show.

moderation queues

Can’t stand them at all. They sometimes keep me from replying to other blogs.

Not the best category

But it fits better than any other. I wonder if anyone would be interested that I started it…. Yes, C!! I actually started.

what the point is

to interesting tidbits of information, with no rhyme or reason.

I will start another book

I can sit outside, enjoy the remainder of the afternoon/early evening, and read some material from I think I like my new toy.

Why they try…

I don’t know justin as well as I do the last admin, but I was expecting an April fools joke again. I’m just surprised it took him until after 7:00 when I first logged on.

In the mood for Greek Food

I’m in the mood for Greek food, but I just finished dinner. Hmm, maybe I will still want Greek food tomorrow.

Movies about big apes

Except for one made in the ’70s. That had to be the worst big ape movie ever. I’ve seen a lot of them from the original King Kong to the last version. With a couple of Mighty Joe Youngs in the middle.

if you will know it is me?

Will my tangents username be recognized at some point for these tangents?