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Time to get rid of these MLB posts

The 2010 baseball season is long gone, so I figured it was time to replace these MLB-themed tangents on the front page. I will be nice and not blame a particular team for taking up the space…

Leslie Nielsen

Thoughts and prayers go out today to the family of Leslie Nielsen, a great comic actor most famous for his roles in the Airplane and Naked Gun movies. He was 84.

I am frustrated!

Can’t post this on my blog, cuz person causing my frustration reads it. But I am SO frustrated! When a group of people are planning a trip, and 2 people suggest a place and everyone else AGREES, are those 2 people held responsible if something goes wrong with the place? I personally think everyone should go with the flow and work together to find a new place instead of wasting time pointing fingers and busying themselves with doling out “I told you so”‘s. What a waste of time!


Tonight I get to take two of my daughters to spend the night in the ZOO!!!

I am trying the Re-captcha replacement

I don’t really have much to say… but I wanted to try the re-captcha replacement – it already looks better because I can actually decipher it.
Ooh, brain exercise… yep, I like it 🙂
Math I can do, words to read… not so much.

I hate the re-captcha

I hate those little words at the bottom you have to type in – I can only see what they say about 30% of the time, and then I end up re-typing my tangents, which isn’t going to happen for very long. I don’t understand why we need security for this anyway. If I’m not able to read them from now on, I’m afraid I have to stop going off on a tangent… My tangents are not important enough to spend more than 15 minutes on them when I can’t read the security words!
I do like the new feature, but it’s not worth this frustration…

I am relieved…

The name of this tangent was almost called “I hate Tiger Woods” because his press conference was standing in the way of my baseball game – it was being aired, re-aired, and talked about on every sports channel!!! I was beginning to panic in a major way! Seriously, the guy sleeps around with dozens of women when he has a wife and 2 little kids and so his returning to golf is more newsworthy than the 2010 MLB opening day?!?! Disgusting in every way!!
Thank goodness everyone came to their senses, although I still think I dislike Tiger Woods very much…
And I am pleased as punch I get to watch – the kids are tied up, so batter up… kidding, of course 😉

I am mistaken

I meant to talk about HOUSE BREAKING puppies – I have 4 kids and am used to talking about POTTY TRAINING, not HOUSE BREAKING… you know what I meant.

Any good restaurants in Hicksville Ohio?

I wonder if there are any good restaurants in Hicksville, Ohio?

potty training puppies stinks

I wish my puppy was potty-trained. I knew it would be difficult to do with 3 little kids home during the day, but this is getting ridiculous.