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What baseball? There was a 2011 MLB Baseball season? I must have missed it…

Leslie Nielsen

Thoughts and prayers go out today to the family of Leslie Nielsen, a great comic actor most famous for his roles in the Airplane and Naked Gun movies. He was 84.

No. 600!!!!

FINALLY… now maybe the Yankees can get back to winning (in second place with THAT team on the schedule this weekend) some games after A-Rod bashed his 600th homer! BOOLYAH! Only the 7th player in history to do so. And they did win today! Maybe Regis did bring some luck 😉


Well… The night before a few days away. Prolly won’t get much sleep… really excited! Haven’t been to the Island for many years and going with great friends!

Testing a Re-Captcha Replacement

Just a quick update – given some recent feedback on the “mini-tangents” portion of the website, I am testing an alternative for the re-captcha that was once in place.  Unfortunately, I do not have the ability to make the words more clear, it is completely random how they show up.  (there is a refresh button however that will enble you to get new words).

Nonetheless, I have implemented a Question that requires human verification as well as a disclaimer right above the question to scare off any spammers!

The “SPAM” Issue…

Hi Tangenteers,

you have probably noticed by now that you can’t log-in to your blog at the moment.  Well, it appears that a fatal error has occurred with the added security plug-in I added to the site a while ago.  In short, the logorithms that mark blogs as spam seem to be off… to make matters worse, I set up the parameters to “Mark as Spam and Delete”…

I am working at trying to fix this, there may be a *chance* I can save your blogs.  Worst case scenario, you’ll just have to start a new one.

Spread the Word about Tangents!

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy the new Tangents layout and concept. It has been a long time in the works but I think it has come together quite nicely if I do say so myself 🙂 Big thanks to the old admin Chris for smoothing out the most recent bugs. So now is time to spread the word about Tangents!  

For example, you can start by blogging about the new concept and providing a link for any visitors to follow.  I’m sure your ideas of spreading the word are better than mine, but the idea is to start driving traffic to the site so they too can submit their Tangents!

Switch Delayed :(

Sorry to get all of your expectations up, but the switch has to be delayed for the time being 🙁 .  Rather than making another announcement (and failing to deliver), I think I’ll just spring the new look upon all of you as a suprise!  So it could happen tomorrow, Friday, the weekend, or even in a month! (okay, it won’t be a month).

The Switch Happens Today!

Just a quick note that the main theme of Tangents will switch today!  And I fully expect all of you to begin posting your “Tangents” as soon as the switch occurs!!

Last Updates before Launch

Hello all, so I am in the middle of making the last updates before launch.  A while back some of you suggested making “how-to” videos for new users so they could start blogging right away.  Well, I am happy to say that I only have one more video to go in this area.  Now when a user signs up for a blog on Tangents, their welcome email will contain a link to these videos.

I am also in the process of creating some imagery for the Tangents ELITE section… something more professional than just text.  This also involves ensuring that all of the necessary plug-ins for the site are functioning correctly (this should be verified by the end of the week).

The new template is complete and should be implemented on the site soon.  This will probably be the biggest thing for all of you to get used to… however, besides the new template/format allowing you to submit random tangents whenever you feel the urge (pretty awesome if I may say so myself), there will also be a Log-in form on the homepage so you can easily get to your blog… if you prefer of course… I realize old habits are probably hard to break 😉 .

All in all, my hope is to launch by next Wednesday at the latest.  There will still be some tweaks to do here or there, but at that point it will be minor changes.