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Contest Ends

It’s official, the contest to bring on new bloggers has come to an end.  We were able to bring in one new person, but unfortunately, he has not blogged much in the past 3+ weeks.  The rules/guidelines for the contest were that the newbie posted and interacted with the new bloggers.  Still, an effort was made and is much appreciated (Thank you Taylhis)!  As a result of you making a solid effort, I will still post your blog as a FEATURED blog on the new Tangents homepage when we launch.

On a side note, expect one and a half more bloggers to join the community shortly.  I have found someone who would like to blog with us!  The “half” person is me… as I will be opening my own Tangents blog in the near future.

Tangents Update

Just a quick update to let you know that I am really pushing to get some stuff done with Tangents in the next week.  The most obvious difference you’ll see is the ad on the admin panel.  Some of the new bloggers will be looking to start a blog for profit and or to build an internet presence.  I have reviewed a variety of products and find that this one is the best for where Tangents is heading.  Don’t worry, I’m not intending in putting ads all over Tangents.

I hope to have the new template up soon as well.  Once the new template is up I will open up the site to new sign-ups.  Keep an eye out for future updates this week!

“Tangent’s Elite” Section

Just a quick note, you will probably also see a “Tangent’s Elite” section on the left hand section. Don’t worry, all the original Tangenteers will have access to this section soon, but for those who join in the future, they will have pay for the ability to use the premium plug-ins and themes available under this section.

Communities are now Available

Hello all,

the Communities ability is now available!!  You can find it at the bottom of the left menu in your admin panel.  I have also posted a message with the password to join the group in the admin panel – you won’t miss it!  I realize you won’t use this much in the beginning, but you’ll be happy to have it once traffic picks up… ENJOY!

Contest Extended

The New Blogger contest has been extended.  So far we have a new blogger (Keith!) who has joined us.  Keith is still getting used to everything here so feel free to offer up some friendly advice to smooth the learning curve a bit.  The reason the contest has been extended is because the rules required you to (a) recruit a new blogger and (b) the new blogger had to be active!  Need at least to week to see how things go!

That said… I encourage everyone to extend an invitation to friends, family, or significant other to join our community.  You can have them write a comment requesting a blog on this post or on the original one! 

Future of Tangents

Hello all, I thought I would give you some insight as to the direction I am taking Tangents.  The new template is coming together well (the look is pretty much complete) and all that is left on that end is to tweak some of the code in certain areas.

I know I have talked about the “new direction” of Tangents here and there but I thought that I would give you a better idea as to what I mean by that.  Right now, Tangents is just a blogging platform using wordpress (as you know).  This will not go away, but instead enhanced with some new features (such as the ability to make communities).  So, as it stands, the original functionality of Tangents – a place where people can come and create a nice looking blog – will still exist.

The second part is a bit different.  The new “main” reason why someone may come to the site is to simply write a “tangent” about anything they want.  This functionality is kind of a hybrid of the “wall” feature in Facebook and a Twitter “tweet”.  For example:  someone is at work and realizes that he hates writing memos.  He could go to tangents and type in something like, “boss is making me write another gosh darn memo blah blah blah blah”, press submit, and that’s the end of it.  Other visitors could comment on these Tangents should they choose to do so.

Seems a bit odd that people would go to a site to rant or rave about a topic, but for whatever reason they will (many sites do this quite successfully).  These individuals may come once to write a tangent, twice, or 100 times… they may even open up a Tangents blog after a few visits!

Moral of the story, tangents is going to become one busy place, buzzing with activity, random thoughts, and blog posts galore in the near future.  The process of gaining popularity through word of mouth (or more like word of print) will take some time, months even, but for those of you who have read “The Tipping Point”, you know that a time will come when the site will explode. 

I hope you guys will be just as excited as I am!

Some Love for the Originals

You know what’s great about Tangents is that all of you have such a nice repertoire with one another… it’s something that is hard to come by on a lot of those large sites hosting 894,343 (and more) blogs.   The last thing I want to do is lose that “small community” feel that all of you have had over the past couple years.

So, I have something that all of you may like.  Prior to launching the site to the public, I am going to create a special “Original Tangenteers Community” within the Tangents site itself …  it will allow all of you to do a couple of things.

First, no one else will be allowed into this community (unless given authorization of course).  You will be able to create Message Board topics and Wiki pages if you desire.  Most importantly, it provides an easy, centralized place where you can message one another, view each other’s blogs, have your blog viewed, or provide comments!

Look for this option to appear in your blog’s admin panels in the upcoming days (you will see a new “Communities” tab).  I will set up the community and most likely send out invites to all of you to join!

New Tangents Website (Teaser)

Back in the Saddle

Returned from the trip and have a renewed energy… time to put that energy into the development of Tangents!  Highlight of the trip would have to be the taking a nap on the beach.  Low point of the trip is when I chipped my front tooth after being taken out by a huge wave – dentist appointment tomorrow!  Either way, it’s great to be back! 🙂

MIA Admin

Hey everyone-

just thought I’d let you know that you probably won’t see much activity from me in the next week (I know you care so much about my well being, I didn’t want any of you to go into a panic)… I will be on vacation, soaking up a few rays with my boss, Jan. 

(Did you catch that reference?)

I have a lot of things planned for when I get back (including finalizing the new site design) … so get ready!  Until then, beaches here I come! 🙂

Take Care!