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Mother Nature

So… The endless days of rain have spoiled what was being toted as a great pitcher’s duel: YAnkees ace CC Sabathia vs Justin Verlander. Rain rain go away! Tomorrow doesn’t sound too promising , either.

Time to get rid of these MLB posts

The 2010 baseball season is long gone, so I figured it was time to replace these MLB-themed tangents on the front page. I will be nice and not blame a particular team for taking up the space…

tired of looking at these posts

I don’t have much to say, but I cannot explain how sick of these same tangents I am! Honestly, reading about the Yankees MONTHS and months after baseball season is over (nor any time, no offense) is not my idea of fun. I will say ANYTHING to get these off of here, finally, PLEASE!!


We only have one Golden Girl left to make us laugh. Blanche joined our beloved Dorothy and Sophia today. May He be with Rue’s loved ones. Thank You For Being a Friend. Three in one week.


I am very frustrated as I have a blog with Word Press.I Ugraded to Tangents Elite. Can’t get to anyone from Support at either Tangents. org OR Word Pres to tell me why my site isn’t upgraded. Especially as I have paid for it. Does anyone have any idea??


I am frustrated!

Can’t post this on my blog, cuz person causing my frustration reads it. But I am SO frustrated! When a group of people are planning a trip, and 2 people suggest a place and everyone else AGREES, are those 2 people held responsible if something goes wrong with the place? I personally think everyone should go with the flow and work together to find a new place instead of wasting time pointing fingers and busying themselves with doling out “I told you so”‘s. What a waste of time!

still at work

still working… yesterday was a nice 4am (to catch a flight) to 6pm day… today is a solid 8am-??pm day… living the life I guess.


Next season may be the last for Michael Scott (the brilliant Steve Carell on The Office. SAY IT AIN”T SO!!!!! Hopefully, the bigwigs at NBC can pull it together. Definitely would not be the same show!


I am looking forward to dinner… lunch feels like 8 hours ago.


I am so frustrated: I have to write paper and my main resource is the website of the Foundation about which is my paper… and it’s down!!!! I have to get their info, annual budget, grants, etc. I’m stuck and very frustrated!