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The Bombers returned to their Bronx digs today! A late-game rally could not spoil the day… THAAAAAAA Yankees WIN 7-5!


Now he has his own line at the bottom of the ESPN News line! I do not like golf and even if I did I would not care the he is coming back to kick tail at the Masters. I just wanted to see the baseball scores and had to endure more Kitty sightings. Come ON!

I Want to Try it To!!!

well let’s see my Play through for Suzuki Pedagogy class went very well, thanks to a very patient boyfriend who endured dreadful hours of singing and rumbling when stuck in a car with me 😉

I am trying the Re-captcha replacement

I don’t really have much to say… but I wanted to try the re-captcha replacement – it already looks better because I can actually decipher it.
Ooh, brain exercise… yep, I like it 🙂
Math I can do, words to read… not so much.

Testing a possible Re-Captcha Repalcement

this is a test of the re-captcha replacement I have installed… we shall see if it does the trick in the long run.

I am relieved…

The name of this tangent was almost called “I hate Tiger Woods” because his press conference was standing in the way of my baseball game – it was being aired, re-aired, and talked about on every sports channel!!! I was beginning to panic in a major way! Seriously, the guy sleeps around with dozens of women when he has a wife and 2 little kids and so his returning to golf is more newsworthy than the 2010 MLB opening day?!?! Disgusting in every way!!
Thank goodness everyone came to their senses, although I still think I dislike Tiger Woods very much…
And I am pleased as punch I get to watch – the kids are tied up, so batter up… kidding, of course 😉

In the mood for Greek Food

I’m in the mood for Greek food, but I just finished dinner. Hmm, maybe I will still want Greek food tomorrow.


The sad truth is that I NEED my coffee… I decided to skip it this morning, and now I’m stuck with a dull headache… orchestra rehearsal didn’t help either!

Chris is Sorry! Sometimes I can be a jerk.

…Imagine you are a paper boy and you are delivering papers along your route. You get to the last house on your route — you’re excited, you’re almost done. You turn around from the last house, ready to head home and there is a kid standing there with a huge stack of papers…

“I saw you were dropping these so I thought I would help out by collecting them for you and bringing them back to you.” says the well-intentioned young fellow.

Now, as a Christian I believe the correct response is “Thank you son. Is there anything I can do to help you?”

I, unfortunately, did not respond that way. I responded in frustration.

No, it was not newspapers, and it was not a child, but a fellow Tangenteer. And I want to say, I am sorry and hope you can forgive me.

Going to a Government building today…ugh

Have to go to a gov building today and wait in line to get a renewal for work purposes. Should be fun… and long… since the government might have the worst logistics ever for this kind of thing.