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Havint to update Tangents!

Hopefully the upgrade to 3.0 and the unification of the platforms will go smoothly!

I hate spamming

So many spammers. Some of nice canned comments, some are canned criticism. Hey if you really want to comment, don’t make it canned criticism. That’s too much like the canned meat called Spam….

when the Red Wings Lose!

I am a huge red wings fan, and I absolutely hate when they lose… so losing 3 games straight has been tough for me to take. I will have to hope for the best in game four as we begin one of the greatest comebacks of all time…. it could happen… right?

moderation queues

Can’t stand them at all. They sometimes keep me from replying to other blogs.


Why did I just see snow out the window? This day is not getting better 😉

Why was there glass on my floor?

Gah! Stupid piece of glass in my toe is annoying! Can’t get it out (can’t even see it!) but can certainly feel it :-/

I hate the re-captcha

I hate those little words at the bottom you have to type in – I can only see what they say about 30% of the time, and then I end up re-typing my tangents, which isn’t going to happen for very long. I don’t understand why we need security for this anyway. If I’m not able to read them from now on, I’m afraid I have to stop going off on a tangent… My tangents are not important enough to spend more than 15 minutes on them when I can’t read the security words!
I do like the new feature, but it’s not worth this frustration…


I hate those days where I’m just not productive! I feel like such a slug.. gah! Actually looking forward to an hour of elyptical!?!?!?

Not a fan of Oprah commentating "LIFE" on discovery Channel

She is way too distracting and is constantly making “cute” comments. I know she probably didnt write the script, but the original “Planet Earth” commentary was way better. Most annoying would be the way she describes the animal’s behavior in “human” ways when it is just instinct… no, the elephant wasn’t thinking, “I’ll teach my daughter how to do xyz”… or describing a fish as “sarcastic”…


Waking Up Early

I really DO NOT like the idea of being up at 6AM for no reason at all and not being able to go back to sleep! But I do have a full day ahead of me… Confirmation of niece and godson in Tooledoo and a play to see tonight.