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I wish the weekend was 3 days long

Why do we have to have just Saturday and Sunday for the weekend? I think we should change to a 4 day work week and a 3 day weekend… any takers?

Break A Leg

Sending a shout out to Mary, Travis, and the rest of the Curious Savage! Have a good run and I’ll see you all tomorrow night!

potty training puppies stinks

I wish my puppy was potty-trained. I knew it would be difficult to do with 3 little kids home during the day, but this is getting ridiculous.

Why can't it stay warm?

I wish it would just stay warm outside… one day it is spring weather, the next it is like winter. Wasn’t the first day of spring a few days ago?

I wish I had coffee

so tired today… I wish I had a cup of coffee… but I think I may be too tired to go and get some. ugh.

I wish I could be on vacation again

from beaches to snow is always a hard transition… wish I could be somewhere warm again.

I wish I wasn't working

To be honest I wish I wasn’t working… I would probably be taking a nap, eating breakfast, or simply just watching TV… I feel lazy today