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Learn About The Many Uses Of Custom Essays

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Getting Rewiews For Your Writing

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Essays Are Not As Easy As They Sound

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The spammers are getting to know me!

This morning while looking at my spam, I came across a piece labeled “minoxidil.” REALLY!?

Someone is slipping

Usually when the premiere professional football team in Chicago wins a game, tangents is treated to a post from it omnipotent(?) admin. Well… they have won two games in just one week. Soo… (hopefully my shout is approved BEFORE the unthinkable happens.


yes, after much need – the spam filter is back.

The Backend Has Been CHANGED!

Hello All,
I just wanted to let you know that the Tangents back end has been changed significantly. You will get used to it soon enough! Remember to STAY AWAY FROM THE PLUGINS!!!

It is going to be ROUGH for a couple of weeks until we get everything in order and until we get all the bugs worked out! If you have any problems let me know — or better yet, email Lisa. You all know her email address.


PLUGINS: No looky-no-touchy!

You may notice that recently your plugins screen has been available.  Please do not go into the Plugins screen and do not touch any plugins.


Lisa’s Wish

Lisa has asked me if there is a way to subscribe to comments — so when she comments on a blog and someone responds she is reminded via email to take a look.  So now you will see this by the COMMENTS area:

“Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” — just check the box and you will get the updates!

YOUR PASSWORD – and the Polls

Hello – if you’re having trouble logging into your account, try using your NAME in all lower case as the password.  You can then, in the admin area, change it back.

The polls SHOULD REALLY be working now.  I changed your PWs so I could test them, so you will have to change them back.