Tonight I get to take two of my daughters to spend the night in the ZOO!!!

Rehearsal Distractions

I honestly do make sure that my cell phone is turned off at rehearsal. Tonight was the exception. While rehearsing a scene, John Williams’ heart-thumping “Superman March” came blaring out of my pocket. OOPS!

why no tangents have been made lately

it has been a bit quiet on the tangent board as of late… I wonder where all the tangenteers are hiding?

moderation queues

Can’t stand them at all. They sometimes keep me from replying to other blogs.

Not the best category

But it fits better than any other. I wonder if anyone would be interested that I started it…. Yes, C!! I actually started.


I am looking forward to dinner… lunch feels like 8 hours ago.


Work, baptism, rehearsal (with the director and myself.. productive for me anyway), more work, a play, Ft. Wayne with the family…more I’m forgetting. Not necessarily in that order, but WOW… fun, but WOW!! Thank goodness for a day off tomorrow!


I am so frustrated: I have to write paper and my main resource is the website of the Foundation about which is my paper… and it’s down!!!! I have to get their info, annual budget, grants, etc. I’m stuck and very frustrated!


The Bombers returned to their Bronx digs today! A late-game rally could not spoil the day… THAAAAAAA Yankees WIN 7-5!

a bit under the weather

not sure if i am going to be sick or not… Im hoping I am not but I am nervous as I have been feeling a bit under the weather today. I think I will give the place a good scrubbing tonight … maybe that will help kill any lingering germs