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I am trying the Re-captcha replacement

I don’t really have much to say… but I wanted to try the re-captcha replacement – it already looks better because I can actually decipher it.
Ooh, brain exercise… yep, I like it 🙂
Math I can do, words to read… not so much.

I hate the re-captcha

I hate those little words at the bottom you have to type in – I can only see what they say about 30% of the time, and then I end up re-typing my tangents, which isn’t going to happen for very long. I don’t understand why we need security for this anyway. If I’m not able to read them from now on, I’m afraid I have to stop going off on a tangent… My tangents are not important enough to spend more than 15 minutes on them when I can’t read the security words!
I do like the new feature, but it’s not worth this frustration…