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still at work

still working… yesterday was a nice 4am (to catch a flight) to 6pm day… today is a solid 8am-??pm day… living the life I guess.


Work, baptism, rehearsal (with the director and myself.. productive for me anyway), more work, a play, Ft. Wayne with the family…more I’m forgetting. Not necessarily in that order, but WOW… fun, but WOW!! Thank goodness for a day off tomorrow!

working a long one before a nice weekend

At work looking forward to when I can start he weekend… have a nice dinner planned that I am really looking forward to!

Working Working Working

Work has been pretty taxing lately… I find myself working to about 8pm every day which can start to take a toll. I think the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight though. Perhaps by next week it will slow down.

I wish I wasn't working

To be honest I wish I wasn’t working… I would probably be taking a nap, eating breakfast, or simply just watching TV… I feel lazy today